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Organic Times

Named Organic Times, as a nod to the past use of this building which housed the Minden Times newspaper, this independent health food store has been a great success story. Over the winter of 2008 and 2009 renovations of the interior and exterior were undertaken. No detail was left untouched, from the tin ceiling down […]



Pharmasave was the first storefront in Minden that we renovated in 2006. The demands of the client were to create a period specific design that didn’t prevent access to the modern curtain wall glass system that fronts the retail area of this store. The approach that followed was to create a segmented store front that […]


Creative Storage

This plank door is a weird shape to fit a cathedral ceiling. The closet behind it also has this slope on the ceiling. There is a custom shaped set of shelves inside contoured to the ceiling as well. Several of these doors were made to suit this house only this one was non-traditional in shape.